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trurip Truong’s brainchild, The project that started it all..
database.trurip.org The goal of database.trurip.org is to catalogue the software of as many classic systems as accurately as possible.

database.trurip.org does not and will never host ISO or ROM downloads.

SSPTalker Truong’s Sega Security PIC Talker was used to document and verify the Chihiro/Naomi/Triforce family security pic keys.

The design is based around the Microchip ® PIC18F4550 due to it’s built-in USB support, it’s low component count needed to enable said USB support, and it’s high pin count, leaving plenty of room for any features and improvements that may need to be added in the future.

While there are a few designs out there which provide similar function, they are LCD based, meaning you need to manually copy the data down by hand.  With TruSSPicTalker, you simply click a .bat file in Windows and the data is copied to a file.

SSPTalker v2 Total redesign, now with Lindbergh support (to be written)
IGS PolyGame Master 3/4 Player Adapter IGS PGM Expansion Port to NeoGeo controller adapter for players 3 and 4 (needs cleaned up)
CPS1 Desuicide Adapter Adapter for ArcadeHacker’s CPS1 Desuicide project (to be written)