IGS PolyGame Master 3/4 Player Adapter

    IGS PolyGame Master 3/4 Player Adapter

In short, every page/pinout I found for the IGS PGM Expansion Port, was wrong/incomplete/page didn’t display.

JackBeatmaster loaned me his official kit which is used to extend the signals to a 2nd JAMMA+ cabinet for players 3 and 4.

A bit of time later, we have the IGS PGM 3/4 Player adapter (for home use), which breaks out the controllers to NeoGeo compatible joystick ports and is a direct replacement for the original JAMMA+ adapter. No 2nd SuperGun needed!

This has been tested by JackBeatmaster and “It works perfectly with original NeoGeo controllers.”

The 34 Pin connector at the top uses a standard straight through IDC 34 cable or the original cable from the official kit.
(If you need help finding the right one, contact me and I can help you find an ebay or amazon link for it)

// eD